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Cyber Legion combines advanced technology with expert knowledge to protect your business and products from evolving cyber threats, ensuring compliance and security.

Product Security & Secure by Design

We Enhance Your Product Security to Ensure Business Continuity

Security Testing, Consultancy and Advisory

Your Partner in Cyber Resilience — Trusted Remote Security Consultants
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Optimized Security Solutions for Today's Threat Landscape

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Comprehensive support for your cybersecurity program, aimed at countering the threat of cybercrime and keep a robust security approach.

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Boost your product’s resilience against evolving cyber threats with our Managed Product Security services, backed by professional security advisors.

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Expert security teams identify vulnerabilities and implement controls to boost your organization’s security and minimize disruptions.

Securing Our Businesses - The Importance of Staying Together

Cyber Legion Offering Automated & Advanced Hands-on Security Testing & Services

Our expert approach to analyze your source code (SAST, SCA, DAST) to identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure that your applications are secure and resilient.

We Threat Modeling your business network, systems, applications, and other assets to ensure that your security controls are effective and aligned with your business objectives.

We perform certified manual and automated simulated cyber attacks on your systems, networks, and applications to identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

Prevent and mitigate risks stemming from legacy, IoT, and shadow IT assets. Continuous discovery, inventory, classification and monitoring.

Employing Threat Intelligence tools and the MITRE ATT&CK, our Red Teaming services simulate cyber attacks to strengthen your defenses.

Proactive strategies to safeguard your business, employing advanced risk assessment techniques to prevent potential threats and ensure integrity.

Get Your Product's Security Memo

Boost your product's market trust with Cyber Legion's Security Memo.

Validate your cybersecurity commitment with our expert assessment.

Advanced Security Solutions for Your Business Needs

  • Understand your product risk profile

    Identify your product's attack surface and protect it based on business impact. Make security investments that count.

  • Focus on what matters

    Uncover Critical Vulnerabilities. Scale your security testing from zero to hundreds and never miss a test deadline again.

  • Gain visibility into your organizational risks and assets

    Identify hackers’ complete attack routes to sensitive business assets and highlight cybersecurity issues.

  • Measure, track, and improve your cybersecurity maturity

    Enhance your risk prevention capabilities, see how they evolve over time, and evaluate how they hold up against your industry competitors.

  • Optimize your security testing processes

    You deserve to find all the vulnerabilities that affect your Organization. Using the latest and most advanced security tools and commitment to innovation, we ensure that our clients continually benefit from Professional Cyber Services to detect, prevent and respond to threats & cyber attacks.

Risk Mitigation & Optimization

  • Take advantage of technology, AI & HI

    Get the power of technology, artificial and human intelligence to simplify the vulnerability discovery and remediation processes & timelines.

  • Take control of your Product Security and Monthly costs

    Explore next-gen product security services for comprehensive assurance. An ideal solution to safeguard your organization

  • Manage your organization's security vulnerabilities

    Identify and manage your organization’s security vulnerabilities via the Secure Client Portal. Next generation security testing based on modular scripts, machine learning, human intelligence and client requirements.

  • Get ready to protect your Organization

    We helps businesses focus on what they do best while we conduct continues security testing to protect their Organizations to remain resilient against Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches.

  • We'll give you back your time

    We will ensure all of your needs and requirements for security testing are met and give you back your valuable time.

Why Choose Cyber Legion?

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Unlimited Client Support

We offer round-the-clock client support.


Secure Client Portal

We provide confidential and efficient communication.

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Remote Worldwide Focus

With a worldwide focus, we serve clients anywhere in the world.

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Automation & Prioritization

We use automation to streamline tasks and prioritize threats effectively.

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Professional Services

Our professional services cover a wide range of cybersecurity needs.

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Priced To Suit All Budgets

Our flexible pricing options cater to various budget constraints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Security scanning, or vulnerability scanning, can mean many different things, but it can be simply described as scanning the security of a website, web-based program, network, or file system for either vulnerabilities or unwanted file changes.

What mean by Managed Product Security?

Managed Product Security is a comprehensive approach to safeguarding digital products and services throughout their entire lifecycle. This concept encompasses a range of activities and strategies designed to integrate security measures into the fabric of product development and maintenance.

Penetration tests (or pen tests) are attacks on your companies’ software and hardware systems, carried out by ‘ethical hackers’ to expose your system’s vulnerabilities. One example is a web application pen test. 

Cybersecurity as a service is the practice of outsourcing cybersecurity management to a specialized provider of information security services who handle a specific part of your business operations.

A Trusted Partner served by Cyber Legion

Cyber Security Automation

I recently had the opportunity to work with Cyber Legion for security testing, and I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with their services. As a client, I had high expectations for their testing abilities, and I can confidently say that Cyber Legion exceeded them. The team was extremely thorough in their approach, leaving no stone unturned in their search for potential vulnerabilities. They communicated their findings clearly and concisely, allowing us to quickly and efficiently address any issues that were uncovered. Overall, I would highly recommend Cyber Legion for any company looking for top-notch security testing services. They truly delivered on their promises and provided the level of expertise and support that any client would expect

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Dominique S.

Sr. IT Manager

CREST Approved Penetration Testing Services

Secure your business with top-tier expert knowledge and advanced Penetration Testing (CREST Approved)

Let's collaborate to build and maintain secure businesses

Cyber Legion convert threats into trust by leveraging Advanced Technology and Expertise in Product Security and Business Continuity. Our approach integrates Secure by Design, comprehensive Security Assurance, Red Teaming, Adversary Emulation and Threat Intelligence, Penetration Testing, and Expert Security Advisory and Consultancy. We ensure compliance with meticulous security assurance and detailed documentation, from design to post-market.

As a CREST-certified Penetration Testing provider in the EMEA region, we are committed to the highest security standards.Cyber Legion - CREST Approved