AWS Cloud Security Solutions

AWS Cloud Security Solutions

AWS Cloud Infrastructure Engineering

AWS Cloud infrastructure engineering involves daily infrastructure operational management, product release cycle management using CI/CD tools. It also involves making the cloud infrastructure automated using CloudFormation or ansible. Deploy, automate and manage the cloud infra while constantly monitoring the whole system.

AWS Cloud Operation Support

While operating in the cloud, Cloud operation support is a must have. Since, the legacy infrastructure has moved to the cloud infra there will be many operational issues, incidents and change request with the current team as they have been working with the legacy systems. 

AWS DevOps Management

AWS DevOps is the Amazon version of using the philosophy of DevOps with its automated cloud infrastructure and some dedicated tools and services. It will give your team the capacity to efficiently implement CI/CD while using IaaS – a scalable, instant computing infrastructure which is controlled by customer.

AWS Cloud Infrastructure Automation

AWS Cloud infrastructure automation allows the environment to be repeated very quickly, and hence setting up a new infrastructure is quite easy. These can be set up for a single purpose of developing a software, integrating with a system, UAT or can be used for multi tasking like production which involves many processes.

Migration To AWS Cloud

AWS cloud migration may include migration of any number of workloads viz. product, API endpoints, applications, database, storage and cloud instances. 

AWS Cloud Cost Optimization

Take control of AWS cloud monthly expanses how much you are spending and optimize your expenses continuously, and the process will build efficient and scalable applications which are as per your needs. 

AWS Database Management

Providing AWS Database management which includes fully managed databases which has the augmented service of continuously monitoring for data consistency, backup, setting up replica, self-healing of discrepancies in storage, and automated scaling up so that you can focus on development of the crucial applications rather than worry about DBMS.

AWS Blockchain & Analytics

AWS Blockchain & Analytics services which will feature the Blockchain templates that will help to create and deploy Blockchain networks on AWS. This will help in decentralizing the database which is hard to tamper and revise as it using cryptography. The networks can capture data that can be used for forecasting.

AWS Cloud Security Management

Provide the data protection services in AWS which includes encryption, key management and continuous monitoring which protects all of your accounts and workloads. Continuous monitoring of network activity and account behaviour using AWS enables us to identify the threat within the cloud and resolve it.

Our Security Testing capabilities for AWS Cloud solutions

We believe in providing answers to increasing your product development capacity.
Cyber Legion provide cloud security tings services for various AWS components such as;
  • Amazon S3
  • AWS Ec2
  • Amazon Route53
  • AWS GuardDuty
  • Cloudwatch
  • Lambda
  • Amazon RDS
  • AWS RedShift
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • Amazon Code Commit
  • Data Pipeline
  • Amazon Inspector
  • AWS Shield
  • AWS Security Hub
  • AWS Sagemaker
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon EKS
  • Amazon ElastiCache

In a constantly evolving threat landscape, it is vital to work with a cyber security partner that understands Cloud Security.

Cloud penetration testing is an attack simulation performed to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited or to find any misconfigurations in a cloud-based asset.

There is no Cloud environment immune to incidents like data breaches, information leaks, ransomware attacks, or other common attack scenarios. Cyber Legion’s testing and vulnerability management ensure that exploitable vulnerabilities are found early, and verifies that remediation is effective. The platform also provides robust reporting capabilities to show your organization’s progress in improving your security posture.

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