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AWS Penetration Pesting

AWS Penetration Pesting & Cloud Security Solutions

Does AWS allow penetration testing?

Yes, AWS allows penetration testing, however, there are specific boundaries to what an ethical hacker can play with while the rest remains out of bounds for pen-testing.

The services that can be tested without prior approval include: 

  1. Amazon EC2 instances
  2. Amazon RDS
  3. Amazon CloudFront
  4. Amazon Aurora
  5. Amazon API Gateways
  6. AWS Fargate
  7. AWS Lambda
  8. AWS LightSail resources
  9. Amazong Elastic Beanstalk environments

For User-Operated services that include cloud offerings and are configured by users, AWS permits an organization to fully test their AWS EC2 instance while excluding tasks related to disruption of continuity. 

For Vendor Operated services (cloud offerings that are managed and configured by 1 third-party), AWS restricts the pentesting to configuration and implementation of cloud environment excluding the underlying infrastructure.

Types of AWS Penetration Testing

  • Security of Cloud

The security of the Cloudis the security responsibility of Amazon (AWS) to make sure their cloud platform is secured against any possible vulnerabilities and cyber attacks for the companies that are using any AWS services. The security of the cloud includes all the zero days and logic flaws that can be exploited at any step to disrupt the performance of an AWS server/s.

  • Security in Cloud

Security in the cloud is the responsibility of the user/company to make sure their deployed applications/assets on AWS infrastructure are secured against any kind of cyberattacks. A user/company can enhance the security of their applications on the AWS cloud by implementing necessary security practices.

Difference between traditional penetration testing and AWS penetration testing

We have already established that pentesting in AWS differs from traditional pentesting in terms of approach and methodologies. How about a closer look?

In a traditional pentest for a web application that you own, you can have a free hand. When it comes to AWS penetration testing the internal and external infrastructure of the AWS cloud, Identity, and access management, and AWS configuration and permissions become governing factors.

List of AWS controls to be tested for security


  • Identify assets & define AWS boundaries
  • Access Policies
  • Identify, review & evaluate risks
  • Add AWS to risk assessment
  • IT security & program policy

Network Management

  • Network Security Controls
  • Physical links
  • Granting & revoking accesses
  • Environment Isolation
  • DDoS layered defense
  • Malicious code controls

Encryption Control

  • AWS Console access
  • AWS API access
  • IPSec Tunnels
  • SSL Key Management
  • Protect PINs at rest

Logging and Monitoring

  • Centralized log storage
  • Review policies for ‘adequacy’
  • Review Identity and Access Management (IAM) credentials report
  • Aggregate from multiple sources
  • Intrusion detection & response

Our Security Testing capabilities for AWS Cloud solutions

We believe in providing answers to increasing your product development capacity.
Cyber Legion provide cloud security tings services for various AWS components such as;
  • Amazon S3
  • AWS Ec2
  • Amazon Route53
  • AWS GuardDuty
  • Cloudwatch
  • Lambda
  • Amazon RDS
  • AWS RedShift
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • Amazon Code Commit
  • Data Pipeline
  • Amazon Inspector
  • AWS Shield
  • AWS Security Hub
  • AWS Sagemaker
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon EKS
  • Amazon ElastiCache

In a constantly evolving threat landscape, it is vital to work with a cyber security partner that understands Cloud Security.

Cloud penetration testing is an attack simulation performed to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited or to find any misconfigurations in a cloud-based asset.

There is no Cloud environment immune to incidents like data breaches, information leaks, ransomware attacks, or other common attack scenarios. Cyber Legion’s testing and vulnerability managementensure that exploitable vulnerabilities are found early, and verifies that remediation is effective. The platform also provides robust reporting capabilities to show your organization’s progress in improving your security posture.

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