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Our passion for cybersecurity is unwavering, and if you share this same drive, we invite you to join our community. Here, you’ll have access to a wealth of information and resources surrounding DevSecOps and enterprise vulnerability management. As a member, you may even have the opportunity to test out our community versions of products and tools before they are released to the public

Cyber Legion Roadmap


1st Quarter: Inception Phase - Cyber Legion's journey commenced, establishing our foundational vision and objectives.

2nd Quarter: Official Launch - Cyber Legion Ltd was formally established, marking our entry into the cybersecurity arena.

3rd Quarter: Research and Collaboration - Our team engaged in extensive research and established connections with leading cybersecurity experts, identifying key areas for third-party support in addressing security challenges.

4th Quarter: Structural Development and Service Implementation - We focused on structuring our organization and devising strategies to bridge cybersecurity gaps across industries. This period also marked the initiation of our Cyber Managed Services and Pay as You Go offerings, catering to diverse security needs.


1st Quarter: Enhanced Infrastructure and Tools - Cyber Legion developed robust infrastructure and integrated a mix of open-source, commercial scanners, and custom scripts. This strengthened our Managed Service and Pay-as-You-Go Security Assessments, enhancing our capability in identifying threats and vulnerabilities.

2nd Quarter: Global Client Access - We launched our Secure Client Portal, enabling businesses worldwide to easily access, understand, and benefit from our security services.

3rd & 4th Quarter: Client Onboarding Success - This period saw the successful onboarding of our first clients onto the platform, marking a significant milestone in client engagement and service delivery.


The Cyber Legion is committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to security automation. We are constantly developing and updating our security runbooks to ensure that our clients are protected against the latest threats. Our roadmap includes ongoing efforts to automate and streamline our security processes, making it easier for businesses to stay secure in an ever-changing digital landscape.

As such, we have incorporated the development of automated security builtin services and tool runbooks into our roadmap, tailored to specific technology stacks. This allows us to proactively identify and address potential security vulnerabilities, ensuring the highest level of protection for our clients' data and assets.


In 2024, Cyber Legion embarks on a transformative journey with a heightened focus on managed product security, fortified by our CREST Approved accreditation. Our mission extends to providing comprehensive support to our clients, from embedding 'Secure by Design' principles at the outset to ensuring post-market resilience. This strategic realignment of our services is tailored to meet the dynamic requirements of product security, presenting a modern, appealing, and effective framework.

Our pledge is to offer seamless, end-to-end security management, enabling our clients to confidently tackle the complexities of the digital landscape. By blending innovation with actionable solutions, Cyber Legion is committed to establishing new benchmarks in product security and client engagement, underscored by the rigor and trustworthiness that CREST accreditation brings.

CREST Approved Penetration Testing Services

Secure your business with top-tier expert knowledge and advanced Penetration Testing (CREST Approved)

Let's collaborate to build and maintain secure businesses

Cyber Legion convert threats into trust by leveraging Advanced Technology and Expertise in Product Security and Business Continuity. Our approach integrates Secure by Design, comprehensive Security Assurance, Red Teaming, Adversary Emulation and Threat Intelligence, Penetration Testing, and Expert Security Advisory and Consultancy. We ensure compliance with meticulous security assurance and detailed documentation, from design to post-market.

As a CREST-certified Penetration Testing provider in the EMEA region, we are committed to the highest security standards.Cyber Legion - CREST Approved