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CVE-2022-36804 – Atlassian Bitbucket Server Vulnerability – Critical RCE

CVE-2022-36804 – Critical Atlassian Bitbucket Server Vulnerability – RCE

  • The latest flaw is tracked as CVE-2022-36804 and is a command injection in multiple API endpoints of the software product. It has received a CVSS severity score of 9.9 out of a maximum of 10.0, making this a critical vulnerability that should be patched immediately.
  • Remote attackers can exploit this argument injection vulnerability if they are able to access a Git repository in Bitbucket Server or Bitbucket Data Center.
  • An attacker with access to a public repository or with read permissions to a private Bitbucket repository can execute arbitrary code by sending a malicious HTTP request,” explains Atlassian’s advisory.
  • The vulnerability impacts all Bitbucket Server and Data Center versions after 6.10.17, including 7.0.0 and up to 8.3.0.
  • The versions that address the problem are 7.6.17, 7.17.10, 7.21.4, 8.0.3, 8.1.3, 8.2.2, and 8.3.1. Unfortunately, older and unsupported versions of the 6.x branch will not receive a fix for this flaw.
Table of fixed versions
Table of fixed versions (Atlassian)
  • Atlassian notes that those accessing Bitbucket via domains aren’t impacted by the critical RCE, as the vendor hosts those instances.

Arbitrary Code Execution in Atlassian Products

  • Bitbucket from Atlassian is a Git-based code hosting and collaboration tool used mostly by enterprises. Whereas the Data Center is a deployment option for any of your Atlassian projects with high scaling ability.
  • Both these products are found to have a critical RCE security vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2022-36804.Any hacker exploiting this bug can effectively inject their malicious commands into the victim’s machines remotely.

Security Patch Advisory

  • Unfortunately, there’s no patch for the older versions, like the 6.x branch, since they’re unsupported. As they don’t have any official fix, Atlassian asked customers running on those versions to try the partial mitigation by turning off public repositories using “feature.public.access=false”.
  • This way, the instances won’t be accessible to unauthorized users; however, authorized users, like threat actors who have compromised valid credentials, may still perform attacks.


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