SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP and ABAP Platform – version KRNL64NUC, 7.22, KRNL64NUC 7.22EXT, KRNL64UC 7.22, KRNL64UC 7.22EXT, KRNL64UC 7.53, KERNEL 7.22, KERNEL, 7.53, KERNEL 7.77, KERNEL 7.81, KERNEL 7.85, KERNEL 7.89, KERNEL 7.54, KERNEL 7.92, KERNEL 7.93, under some conditions, performs improper authentication checks for functionalities that require user identity. An attacker can perform malicious actions over the network, extending the scope of impact, causing a limited impact on confidentiality, integrity and availability. (CVSS:7.4) (Last Update:2023-07-19 17:13:20)     Latest security vulnerabilities (Bypass) (CVSS score >= 4) 


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TOTOLINK Wireless Routers Remote Command Execution

Multiple TOTOLINK network products contain a command injection vulnerability in setting/setTracerouteCfg. This vulnerability allows an attacker to execute arbitrary commands through the command parameter. After

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