Knowage is the professional open source suite for modern business analytics over traditional sources and big data systems. The endpoint `_/knowage/restful-services/dossier/importTemplateFile_` allows authenticated users to download template hosted on the server. However, starting in the 6.x.x branch and prior to version 8.1.8, the application does not sanitize the `_templateName_ `parameter allowing an attacker to use `*../*` in it, and escaping the directory the template are normally placed and download any file from the system. This vulnerability allows a low privileged attacker to exfiltrate sensitive configuration file. This issue has been patched in Knowage version 8.1.8. (CVSS:6.5) (Last Update:2023-07-10 17:45:07)   Latest security vulnerabilities (Directory Traversal) (CVSS score >= 4) 


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