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CREST Approved in EMEA

SQLpage is a SQL-only webapp builder. Someone using SQLpage versions prior to 0.11.1, whose SQLpage instance is exposed publicly, with a database connection string specified in the `sqlpage/sqlpage.json` configuration file (not in an environment variable), with the web_root is the current working directory (the default), and with their database exposed publicly, is vulnerable to an attacker retrieving database connection information from SQLPage and using it to connect to their database directly. Version 0.11.0 fixes this issue. Some workarounds are available. Using an environment variable instead of the configuration file to specify the database connection string prevents exposing it on vulnerable versions. Using a different web root (that is not a parent of the SQLPage configuration directory) fixes the issue. One should also avoid exposing one’s database publicly. (CVSS:10.0) (EPSS:0.07%) (Last Update:2023-09-20 20:54:18)    Latest security vulnerabilities (Gain Information) (CVSS score >= 4) 

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