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We transform threats into trust by integrating advanced tech and expertise in product security. Our approach encompasses Security by Design, rigorous security assurance and penetration testing, and compliance through expert documentation, from design to post-market. We offer CREST-approved pen testing in EMEA, upholding top security standards.

CREST Approved in EMEA

XXL-RPC is a high performance, distributed RPC framework. With it, a TCP server can be set up using the Netty framework and the Hessian serialization mechanism. When such a configuration is used, attackers may be able to connect to the server and provide malicious serialized objects that, once deserialized, force it to execute arbitrary code. This can be abused to take control of the machine the server is running by way of remote code execution. This issue has not been fixed. (CVSS:10.0) (EPSS:0.05%) (Last Update:2023-10-30 14:14:08)   Latest security vulnerabilities (Execute Code) (CVSS score >= 6) – Deprecated! See channel description 


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