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 Fides is an open-source privacy engineering platform for managing the fulfillment of data privacy requests in runtime environments, helping enforce privacy regulations in code. The Fides web application allows users to edit consent and privacy notices such as cookie banners. The vulnerability makes it possible to craft a payload in the privacy policy URL which triggers JavaScript execution when the privacy notice is served by an integrated website. The domain scope of the executed JavaScript is that of the integrated website. Exploitation is limited to Admin UI users with the contributor role or higher. The vulnerability has been patched in Fides version `2.22.1`. (CVSS:5.4) (EPSS:0.06%) (Last Update:2023-11-01 16:37:50)     Latest security vulnerabilities (Cross Site Scripting (XSS)) (CVSS score >= 4) – Deprecated! See channel description 

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