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 ZITADEL is an identity infrastructure management system. ZITADEL users can upload their own avatar image using various image types including SVG. SVG can include scripts, such as javascript, which can be executed during rendering. Due to a missing security header, an attacker could inject code to an SVG to gain access to the victim’s account in certain scenarios. A victim would need to directly open the malicious image in the browser, where a single session in ZITADEL needs to be active for this exploit to work. If the possible victim had multiple or no active sessions in ZITADEL, the attack would not succeed. This issue has been patched in version 2.39.2 and 2.38.2. (CVSS:8.7) (EPSS:0.05%) (Last Update:2023-10-26 15:32:24)     Latest security vulnerabilities (Cross Site Scripting (XSS)) (CVSS score >= 4) – Deprecated! See channel description 

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