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Cyber Legion’s Strategic Expansion – Enhanced Cybersecurity Services in Romania

Cyber Legion’s Expantion – Cybersecurity Services in Romania

As a trusted name in cybersecurity, Cyber Legion has always been driven by a commitment to excellence and innovation. We’ve developed a strong reputation across the UK and EU for our robust #SecureByDesign, #ProductSecurity, #SecurityAdvisory, and #PenetrationTesting services. Today, we’re thrilled to share news of our next big step: expanding our services to Romania!

Why Romania?

Our decision to expand into Romania is fueled by more than just business strategy; it’s personal. Cluj, Transylvania, is not only a vibrant tech hub but also the hometown of our founder, Ioan Iuga. Establishing our new base here marks a full-circle moment, combining our strategic goals with our founder’s roots.


Our Mission

At Cyber Legion, size has never been our metric for success—impact has. We focus intensely on delivering high-quality, certified cybersecurity services that genuinely make a difference. We tailor our offerings to meet the needs of various sectors, from telecommunications to medical devices, energy, and fintech. Each client’s security is a personal mission, and we adapt our strategies to offer the most effective solutions.


Our Certification and Services

We are proud to remind our partners and clients about our CREST certification for penetration testing across the EMEA region. This certification is not just a badge—it’s a promise of quality, rigor, and trustworthiness. Whether you need comprehensive risk assessments or proactive cyber defense strategies, our team is equipped and ready to assist.

Looking Ahead

With our expansion into Romania, we aim to bring our top-tier cybersecurity solutions closer to businesses that need them. This move is just the beginning of our plans to enhance digital security standards and ensure peace of mind for businesses across Europe.

We also look forward to the launch of our new #ProductSecurity platform, designed to further our capabilities and reach in protecting your digital assets.

A Note of Thanks

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our clients and partners for their trust and support. Your confidence in our services motivates us every day to push the boundaries of what we can achieve together.

To our future clients and partners in Romania and beyond, we are excited to work with you. Let’s make the digital world a safer place, together.

In Closing

Vă mulțumim pentru sprijinul continuu și abia așteptăm să colaborăm cu voi în România și dincolo de ea!

Stay tuned for more updates, and remember, whether you are in Cluj or anywhere else, Cyber Legion is here to defend, secure, and empower your digital environments.

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