Experience Next-Level Security Automation with CyberLegion’s Powerful Script Solutions

Experience Next-Level Security Automation with CyberLegion’s Powerful Script Solutions


In an ever-evolving digital landscape, traditional security measures are no longer sufficient. It’s time to level up your security operations with CyberLegion’s powerful script solutions. Our customizable security automation scripts help you streamline your security workflows, enhance protection, and stay ahead of emerging threats. Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace the future of cybersecurity with CyberLegion.

The CyberLegion Advantage: Customizable Security Automation

At CyberLegion, we understand that every organization has unique security requirements. That’s why we offer versatile, customizable script solutions designed to fit your specific needs. Our security automation scripts cover a wide range of use cases, such as:

  1. Penetration Testing Automation: Conduct thorough security assessments and uncover vulnerabilities with our automated penetration testing scripts.
  2. Vulnerability Scanning Automation: Identify weaknesses in your network and applications with our efficient vulnerability scanning solutions.
  3. Threat Detection & OSINT Automation: Enhance your threat intelligence capabilities with our advanced threat detection and open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering scripts.
  4. Attack Surface & Asset Management Automation: Gain complete visibility over your IT assets and minimize your attack surface using our custom scripts.
  5. MITRE ATT&CK Adversary Emulation Automation: Test your defenses against real-world attack scenarios and tactics to optimize your security posture.

Streamline Your Security Workflows with CyberLegion

Our powerful script solutions enable you to automate key security processes, helping you achieve:

  1. Time Savings: Focus on high-priority tasks by automating routine security operations and reducing manual efforts.
  2. Enhanced Accuracy: Eliminate human errors and maintain consistency in your security tasks with precise automation scripts.
  3. Improved Security Posture: Leverage real-time threat detection and response to stay ahead of potential cyber attacks and breaches.
  4. Scalable Solutions: Adapt to your organization’s growth and evolving security needs with our flexible, customizable scripts.
  5. Comprehensive Visibility: Monitor your security operations through an intuitive user interface and visualize script output data for better decision-making.

Cost-Effective Security Automation with CyberLegion

Achieve top-notch security automation without breaking the bank. CyberLegion’s affordable script solutions empower you to take full control of your security processes, run tasks as needed, and optimize your organization’s protection.

Get Started with CyberLegion’s Security Automation Solutions Today

It’s time to revolutionize your security operations with CyberLegion’s powerful, customizable script solutions. Enhance your protection, streamline your workflows, and stay one step ahead of cyber threats. Contact us today to learn more about our security automation offerings and experience the difference CyberLegion can make for your organization.


Transform your cybersecurity strategy with CyberLegion’s powerful script solutions. Our customizable security automation services enable you to stay ahead of emerging threats and optimize your security operations. Experience the benefits of next-level security automation with CyberLegion and unlock the full potential of your security team.

Discover the power of customizable security scripts with CyberLegion. Automate your security testing, awareness, vulnerability scanning, and more with our flexible solutions. Gain full control over your security workflows, visualize script outputs, and adapt scripts to your unique needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our security automation offerings and transform your security operations for the better.

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1. Client Onboarding

Access to all of Cyber Legion's services is provided through the Web Secure Client Portal. To create a Free account, you can sign up through the portal, or contact the Cyber Legion team and they will set up an account for you.

2. NDA , Agreements & Digital Signature

The integration of Digital Signature in our Web Client Portal allows us to legally sign all necessary documents and agreements, enabling us to carry out security assessments on targeted systems.

3. Submit Work Request

Our pricing structure is adaptable to meet the needs of all clients. By filling out the Work Request Form, you can select from pre-existing services or request a personalized proposal.

The Cyber Legion team will acknowledge your order, set up a project in your account, and proceed with the testing and delivery.

4. Security Testing & Report

We meet agreed upon SLAs and follow security testing framework checklists. Based on our commitment, our team of engineers will utilize all of our tools, automation, and testing capabilities to achieve the objectives.

Within the agreed upon timeframe, you will receive a report on the security test that was conducted, including the results, recommendations, and references for addressing any identified issues.

5. Retesting & Validation of Remediation

We not only identify potential threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, but also provide detailed recommendations for resolution. To ensure complete remediation, we offer complimentary retesting and a range of ongoing security testing options for continued vulnerability detection and verification.