F5 BIG-IP TMUI Directory Traversal / File Upload / Code Execution

This Metasploit module exploits a directory traversal in F5’s BIG-IP Traffic Management User Interface (TMUI) to upload a shell script and execute it as the Unix root user. Unix shell access is obtained by escaping the restricted Traffic Management Shell (TMSH). The escape may not be reliable, and you may have to run the exploit multiple times. Versions 11.6.1-11.6.5, 12.1.0-12.1.5, 13.1.0-13.1.3, 14.1.0-14.1.2, 15.0.0, and 15.1.0 are known to be vulnerable. Fixes were introduced in,,,, and Tested against the VMware OVA release of 14.1.2.   Exploit Files ≈ Packet Storm 


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