GCP Cloud Security Solutions

GCP Cloud Security Solutions

Google Cloud Infrastructure Engineering

Deploy and secure applications and the overall infrastructure while monitoring operations of many projects together with Google Cloud Infrastructure Engineering. Google cloud helps you with maintaining enterprise solutions and also ensures that the performance metrics are met. 

Google Cloud Operation Support

Providing support for Google Cloud Operation suite which is designed to monitor, troubleshoot and improve the cloud infrastructure, application and performance of the software environment as a whole. The services also include full stack monitoring, real time log management, identification and reporting of errors.

Google Cloud DevOps Management

Improve your software delivery speed, increase product release cycle, service reliability and build a shared ownership with stakeholders using Google Cloud DevOps management. 

Migration To Google Cloud

Plan your migration to Google Cloud platform. Start with defining the environments that will be directly or indirectly involved in migration. Categorization of applications and workloads are done and are migrated in three distinct ways viz. (1) Lift and Shift (2) Improve and Move and (3) Remove and replace.

Google Cloud Infrastructure Automation

Get full Google Cloud Infrastructure Automation with Cloud Composer service. This service gives you fully managed workflow services and lets you build with Serverless, and Python API, and schedule them to run automatically or manually as per your choice. It will also monitor task execution via Graphical User interface

Google Cloud Application Modernization

Google Cloud Application Modernization is easy. Follow the four pronged steps of (1) Measure and re measure (2) Assess the factors (3) Analyse the Data and (4) Plan and Execute. All of your environments including workloads and apps are modernized before migrating to the cloud.

Google Storage Management

Manage your business with Google cloud storage which is one of the best managed DBMS. The google cloud has unlimited space with very reasonable cost, which can be managed by you directly from your premises, and for difficulties we are there.

Google Cloud Analytics

Get the best from the most flexible, open and secure analytics platform that will give you the easiest path to become logic driven organization. The Google cloud analytics takes the best of innovations build over years and also the cloud capability and also the decades of AI and internet scale services.

Google Cloud Data Management

Google Cloud data management gives the best of technology and innovation that involves use of AI and automation in full swing. It gives the option of SQL based DBMS which helps you create, view and manage the database present on the cloud. Try our services and be assured of the best managed database in the market.

GCP Cloud Security Solutions

We believe in providing answers to increasing your product development capacity.
Cyber Legion provide cloud security testing services for various Azure components such as;
  • Google Cloud storage
  • BigQuery
  • Dataflow
  • Operations
  • CloudCDN
  • Cloud functions
  • Cloud Engine
  • Dialogflow
  • AutoML
  • Natural Language AI
  • AI Infrastructure
  • Deep learning VM Image
  • TensorFlow Enterprise
  • Document AI
  • AppSheet
  • API Gateway
  • Payment Gateway
  • Cloud Healthcare API
  • AppSheet Automation
  • Batch
  • SpotVM
  • Cloud Run
  • Cloud Build
  • Google Kubernetes Engine(GKE)
  • Artefact Registry

In a constantly evolving threat landscape, it is vital to work with a cyber security partner that understands Cloud Security.

Cloud penetration testing is an attack simulation performed to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited or to find any misconfigurations in a cloud-based asset.

There is no Cloud environment immune to incidents like data breaches, information leaks, ransomware attacks, or other common attack scenarios. Cyber Legion’s testing and vulnerability management ensure that exploitable vulnerabilities are found early, and verifies that remediation is effective. The platform also provides robust reporting capabilities to show your organization’s progress in improving your security posture.

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Ensure your Organization Assets are well  protected in front of the Cyber Attacks

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1. Client Onboarding

Access to all of Cyber Legion's services is provided through the Web Secure Client Portal. To create a Free account, you can sign up through the portal, or contact the Cyber Legion team and they will set up an account for you.

2. NDA , Agreements & Digital Signature

The integration of Digital Signature in our Web Client Portal allows us to legally sign all necessary documents and agreements, enabling us to carry out security assessments on targeted systems.

3. Submit Work Request

Our pricing structure is adaptable to meet the needs of all clients. By filling out the Work Request Form, you can select from pre-existing services or request a personalized proposal.

The Cyber Legion team will acknowledge your order, set up a project in your account, and proceed with the testing and delivery.

4. Security Testing & Report

We meet agreed upon SLAs and follow security testing framework checklists. Based on our commitment, our team of engineers will utilize all of our tools, automation, and testing capabilities to achieve the objectives.

Within the agreed upon timeframe, you will receive a report on the security test that was conducted, including the results, recommendations, and references for addressing any identified issues.

5. Retesting & Validation of Remediation

We not only identify potential threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, but also provide detailed recommendations for resolution. To ensure complete remediation, we offer complimentary retesting and a range of ongoing security testing options for continued vulnerability detection and verification.