Infrastructure Security Testing

Identify and remediate your network security vulnerabilities and stay resilient against Cyber Attacks

Infrastructure Security Testing

Infrastructure Security Testing, also known as Penetration Testing or ethical hacking, is a crucial component of any effective cyber security strategy. This testing involves the use of both manual and automated technologies to simulate a cyber attack against computer systems, with the aim of systematically compromising servers, endpoints, web applications, wireless networks, network devices, mobile devices, and other potential points of exposure.

Our Infrastructure Penetration Testing service comprises two main components: external and internal penetration testing. Each component is independently tested to ensure the full security of your corporate environment. Our team of experienced professionals uses cutting-edge tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your network and servers, providing you with comprehensive reports that include prioritized remediation recommendations.

The ultimate goal of Infrastructure Penetration Testing is to find and exploit vulnerabilities in your company’s networks and servers, thus strengthening your defenses against both internal and external threats. With our Infrastructure Security Testing service, you can rest assured that your organization’s critical assets and data are protected against the latest cyber threats.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment Service

Our vulnerability assessment services follow internationally recognized frameworks such as PTES and NIST 800-115, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure. We’ll find, verify, and prioritize exploitable vulnerabilities, including open ports, missing patches, insecure network segregation, and more.

Realistic Penetration Testing Services

Our hands-on penetration testing services utilize testing approaches comparable to those used by real-world threat actors. We’ll use a variety of tools to find and exploit vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, including unencrypted communications, password reuse, default SNMP community strings, insecure firewalls, and more.

Network Segmentation Assessment Services

Our network segmentation assessment services focus on identifying vulnerabilities related to network segregation. We’ll assess your network configuration and identify potential issues that could allow attackers to move laterally within your infrastructure.

Web Application Assessment Services

Our web application assessment services focus on identifying vulnerabilities in your web servers. We’ll use a variety of tools and techniques to identify issues such as misconfigured web servers, default credentials, and vulnerabilities that could lead to a DoS attack.

Firewall and VPN Assessment Services

Our firewall and VPN assessment services focus on identifying vulnerabilities related to these critical components of your infrastructure. We’ll identify potential issues such as vulnerable VPN endpoints, insecure firewalls, and other vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

Vulnerability Management Services

Our vulnerability management services provide ongoing support for identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. We’ll help you prioritize vulnerabilities based on their severity and work with you to develop a plan for addressing them in a timely and effective manner.

Why Infrastructure Security Testing is Important?

Infrastructure security testing services are important because they help organizations identify and address vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure before they can be exploited by attackers. With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, it’s more important than ever for organizations to prioritize security testing and take proactive measures to protect their infrastructure.

Some of the key reasons why infrastructure security testing services are important include:

  1. Identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited: Infrastructure security testing services can help organizations identify vulnerabilities in their infrastructure that could be exploited by attackers. By identifying and addressing these vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, organizations can significantly reduce their risk of a cyber attack.

  2. Protect critical assets: IT infrastructure often includes critical assets such as sensitive data, intellectual property, and financial information. Infrastructure security testing services can help organizations protect these assets by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities that could be exploited to gain unauthorized access to them.

  3. Compliance requirements: Many organizations are subject to compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR. Infrastructure security testing services can help organizations meet these requirements by identifying vulnerabilities and taking proactive measures to address them.

  4. Reputation management: A successful cyber attack can have a significant impact on an organization’s reputation. Infrastructure security testing services can help organizations protect their reputation by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

  5. Cost savings: The cost of a cyber attack can be significant, including direct costs such as remediation and legal fees, as well as indirect costs such as lost productivity and damage to reputation. Infrastructure security testing services can help organizations avoid these costs by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Overall, infrastructure security testing services are an important component of any organization’s IT security strategy. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in their infrastructure, organizations can reduce their risk of a cyber attack and protect critical assets, comply with regulations, protect their reputation, and save costs.

How can we Help?

Cyber Legion provides comprehensive penetration testing services combined with remediation via our secure client portal. Our goal is to help our clients enhance their security posture and protect their valuable assets. With deep expertise in application security, mobile apps, and network pen testing, we offer tailored services to help improve the security of our clients.

Our testing methodologies are based on well-known security frameworks such as PTES and NIST, designed to identify vulnerabilities in a detailed and intelligible manner. We understand the importance of minimizing inconvenience during the testing process, and our team works closely with our clients to ensure the best possible outcome of all engagements.

Our secure client portal offers a continuous cycle of penetration testing and remediation to ensure our clients are always up-to-date on the status of their security testing. We provide ongoing support and guidance to help our clients understand the results of their tests and take proactive measures to address any vulnerabilities that are identified.

At Cyber Legion, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver superior results. We work directly with our clients to tailor our services to their specific needs and ensure they receive the best possible support throughout the testing process. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you enhance your security posture and protect your valuable assets.


Infrastructure testing is a penetration test (also known as a pentest or pentesting) or vulnerability assessment of computer systems, network devices or IP address ranges to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

The penetration testing execution standard consists of seven (7) main sections. These cover everything related to a penetration test – from the initial communication and reasoning behind a pentest, through the intelligence gathering and threat modeling phases where testers are working behind the scenes in order to get a better understanding of the tested organization, through vulnerability research, exploitation and post exploitation, where the technical security expertise of the testers come to play and combine with the business understanding of the engagement, and finally to the reporting, which captures the entire process, in a manner that makes sense to the customer and provides the most value to it.

Network systems cannot be completely protected by the perimeter. To get access, an attacker only needs to exploit a single vulnerability. An insecure network can be used to escalate increase privileges once inside.
This is why we highly recommend testing both the internal and external networks. It is common for an attacker to sit inside your network for some time before finding the most appropriate path to fully compromise the network.

Penetration tests (or pen tests) are attacks on your companies’ software and hardware systems, carried out by ‘ethical hackers’ to expose your system’s vulnerabilities. One example is a web application pen test. Web apps, browsers and plug-ins can house sensitive financial or personal data, so hackers are increasingly putting their efforts towards gaining access to them. The test would examine the endpoint of every web application.

The time that penetration testing takes depends on the size and complexity of your organization’s system structure, as well as the scope of the test itself. For the ‘average’ company, a network penetration test should take around three days. For a merchant processing millions of credit cards a year, for example, a pen test will take over a week, or possibly two.

The penetration testing cost depends on the facts identified during scoping, such as the agreed time, goals, technical resources, approach, and remedial support.

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