Penetration Testing Automation: The Key to Streamlining Your Cybersecurity

Automate the security testing for all you needs

Penetration Testing Automation

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so too do the threats that organizations face. One of the most effective ways to protect against these threats is through penetration testing, which simulates a cyber attack on your systems to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. However, traditional penetration testing can be time-consuming and costly, which is why many organizations are turning to penetration testing automation to streamline their cybersecurity efforts.

At Cyber Legion, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to cybersecurity. That’s why we offer a pay-as-you-go service for various security testing, including cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP, as well as containerization applications on Kubernetes and Docker. By automating the penetration testing process, we are able to provide our clients with a more efficient and cost-effective solution to identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in their systems.

Penetration Testing Pay-as-you-go

Penetration testing automation allows organizations to schedule regular, automated tests of their systems, which can help identify vulnerabilities in a more timely and consistent manner. This is especially important for organizations that use cloud services, as these systems are constantly changing and evolving, making it difficult to keep up with potential vulnerabilities.

Additionally, automation allows for more comprehensive testing, as it is able to scan all parts of a system, including applications, networks, and devices. This ensures that no vulnerabilities are left undetected, which can help organizations stay ahead of potential threats.

At Cyber Legion, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible security solutions. Our pay-as-you-go service allows organizations to easily and affordably access the latest and most effective tools to keep their systems safe. By automating the penetration testing process, we can help organizations identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

AWS Security Testing

Penetration Testing Reports

Penetration testing is a critical step in securing your organization’s systems and data. A thorough penetration test will identify vulnerabilities in your network and provide a detailed report of potential risks and recommended remediation steps.

At Cyber Legion, our penetration testing reports are comprehensive and easy to understand, highlighting any potential security breaches and providing actionable steps for resolving them. Trust us to provide you with the information you need to protect your organization from cyber threats. Contact us today to learn more about our penetration testing services.

Penetration Testing Vefication & Checklists

  1. Information Gathering: -Identify target IP addresses and domain names -Gather information about the target organization (e.g. employees, services, technology used) -Identify any known vulnerabilities or exploits for the target system

  2. Vulnerability Scanning: -Use automated tools to scan the target system for known vulnerabilities -Identify any potential weaknesses or misconfigurations in the system

  3. Exploitation: -Try to exploit any identified vulnerabilities in the system -Test the effectiveness of any known exploits

  4. Post-Exploitation: -Maintain access to the system through persistence mechanisms (e.g. backdoors, rootkits) -Gather sensitive information from the system (e.g. login credentials, sensitive files)

  5. Reporting: -Compile a report detailing the findings and recommendations for remediation -Provide the report to the target organization for review and action.

  6. Post-Engagement: -Monitor for any changes or attempts to fix vulnerabilities -Check for any updates on any vulnerabilities found and notify organization about it.

  7. Social Engineering: -Perform phishing, vishing and smishing attack to test employee’s awareness on information security -Check how the organization respond to such attacks.

  8. Physical Security: -Check the organization physical security measure e.g. CCTV and access control -Check for any vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain unauthorized access.

  9. Wireless Security: -Check for wireless network vulnerabilities -Check for any wireless access point with weak encryption or misconfiguration -Try to crack wireless network encryption.

  10. Web Application Security: -Check for any vulnerabilities in the web application -Try to perform SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and other web application vulnerabilities.

Advance Pen Testing

Pay as You Go Advance Manual Pen Testing Service
Target / Asset
  • Advance Manual Security Testing & Validation
  • Black, Grey or White Box Testing
  • Custom Checklists + OWASP, SANS etc
  • Targeted Attack Surface Mapping
  • Network, App, API & Microservices Testing
  • Advance OSINT & Threat Intelligence
  • Risk Scoring & Prioritisation
  • Analysis, Tracking & Reporting
  • Support & References for Remediation
  • Secure Client Portal Acccess
  • Security Expert Support

Security Testing Workflow – How it Works?

1. Client Onboarding

All Cyber Legion's services are delivered via Web Secure Client Portals. You can SignUp for a Free account using the Secure Client Portal or you can Get in Touch and Cyber Legion team will create an account for you. 

Our Web Client Portal is integrated with Digital Signature, that enables us to sign all required documents and agreements to legally engage and perform security tests on the target systems. 

2. NDA , Agreements & Digital Signature

We have a flexible pricing framework that can fits everyone needs. You can submit the Work Request Form and choose an existing service or ask for & accept a customized proposal. We'll work with you to evaluate and setup the scope of the engagement, (domains, applications, networks, cloud infrastructure, mobile, IOT etc). 

3. Security Scanning & Testing

We meet agreed SLAs and follow security testing Framework checklists. Based on the commitment, our team of engineers will use our tools, automation and testing capabilities to achieve the objectives.

4. Findings, Reporting & Remediation

All security findings will be available in real time on the web portal which will give you clear visibility on the uncovered vulnerabilities. Along with the reporting of our findings, we provide you with an extensive set of recommendations to support senior executives and IT/Dev/Engineering teams to implement mitigation and remediation. 

5. Retesting & Validation of Remediation

All our security services includes a Free retesting to validate if the issue has been fixed or the mitigations have been implemented. You can choose various security testing services for continuous vulnerability discovery and validation. All delivered via the Secure Client Portal

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

To order our pay-as-you-go Built-in Security Test & Report service, you must register on the Cyber Legion client portal for free, sign the NDA and the consultancy service agreement, and submit and pay for the service using the Work Request Form.

Once these steps are completed and we have your approval for the targets within the scope of the scan/test, we can schedule the service according to your specified time frame.

A target is a system that we can scan/test using our tools.

e.g web app, application repository, mobile app, IP etc

Security scanning, or vulnerability scanning, can mean many different things, but it can be simply described as scanning the security of a website, web-based program, network, or file system for either vulnerabilities or unwanted file changes.

A Drupal Security Test is a process of identifying and evaluating security vulnerabilities and risks in a website or web application built using the Drupal content management system. It includes a series of checks and tests to ensure that the website is protected against known security threats, such as hacking, injection attacks, and unauthorized access to sensitive data. The test may include reviewing the website’s code, configurations, and security settings, as well as performing simulated attacks to identify vulnerabilities. The goal of a Drupal Security Test is to ensure that the website is secure and that any identified issues are addressed promptly.

Cyber Legion focus on modular security testing approach that include commercial, open source and custom testing scripts that can be run against targeted assets during the product full development lifecycle from design to production and in complete synch with client’s processes and technology stack.

Using a Secure Client Portal, the latest and most advanced security tools and commitment to innovation, we ensure that our clients continually benefit from Professional Cyber Services to detect, prevent and respond to threats & cyber attacks.

We follow precise testing checklists and Frameworks guidelines  that ensures a complete coverage of the security assessment. OWASP, SANS, NIST, CREST etc

Once we have completed all the scans/tests, we’ll ingested all the discovery data in the Web Portal (2nd Portal) so that you can Analyze, Prioritize, View, Track, Report and Fix any detected vulnerability.

Important: We’ll need  to whitelist your IP addresses to be able access the Portal.

Our Professional Security Engineers perform the scans and tests and provide you with all the resulting data through the web portal.

Vulnerability testing is an essential part of mitigating your organization’s security risks. By using a vulnerability scanners to identify the points of weakness in your systems, you can reduce the attack surface that criminals might exploit, focusing your security efforts on the most likely targeted areas.

Identifying and Fixing vulnerabilities will help you improve your security defenses for not just your business but your staff, clients, customers, and partners.

  • Identify weaknesses
  • Prevent attacks
  • Protect sensitive data
  • Protect reputation
  • Avoid fines and ransom costs

Unauthenticated Scan

This tests the hosts in scope for any identified vulnerabilities in software versions or configuration issues on exposed services. It does not login to the system, therefore does not run more detailed checks that would only be possible when using local administrative user credentials.

Authenticated Scan

This tests the hosts in scope for any identified vulnerabilities in software versions or configuration issues, by logging into the host as an administrative user. This performs a much more detailed review and covers patch checking and configuration issues for the unexposed services on the host. If you wished to check all patching levels of systems across your network, an authenticated test would be the best option.

The Scanner is able to scan the target web application as an authenticated user. You can provide us with authentication credentials in several ways:

  • User/Password Authentication: When this option is chosen, the scanner will first try to authenticate to the provided login URL and obtain a valid session cookie. This cookie will be used with all the HTTP requests done to the server, performing an authenticated scan. You have the option to check if the authentication was successful before actually starting the scan.
  • Cookie Authentication: With this option you can specify an already valid session cookie (or multiple cookies) that will be sent with each HTTP request to the server. You have to first get the session cookie by manually logging into your target application with a web browser and transferring the cookie from the browser to the scanner (copy/paste).
  • Headers Authentication: This option allows you to specify custom HTTP headers that will be sent with each request to the target application. These can be used for authentication (e.g. JWT tokens, Basic Authentication, etc.) or for other specific application functionality. 

Our specialized team of security professionals hold industry qualifications such as CREST, OSCP, CISSP, CISM, CEH and Cloud security certification such as AWS, azure, GCP etc.

We are a SC Cleared team combine this with many years of industry experience at the highest level working across all industry sectors. We are skills hands-on engineers with clear track record of implementing, running managing security testing programs across various organizations.

This statement refers to Cyber Legion services that are delivered through Web Client Portals.

→ Web Portal 1 – Features & Capabilities 

  • Private & Secure Client Portal
  • NDA, Contract & Digital Signature
  • Estimates, Invoices & Payments
  • Work Request Scheduler
  • Client File Upload/Download
  • Complete Project Management Solution
  • Private meeting & messaging


→ Web Portal 2 – Features & Capabilities

  • Private & Secure Client Portal
  • Client Workspace
  • Rea Time Finding Analytics & Statistics
  • Assets & Vulnerability Details
  • Artefacts & Attack Path
  • Engagement & Testing Reporting


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Sample Report

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CREST Approved Penetration Testing Services

Secure your business with top-tier expert knowledge and advanced Penetration Testing (CREST Approved)

Let's collaborate to build and maintain secure businesses

Cyber Legion convert threats into trust by leveraging Advanced Technology and Expertise in Product Security and Business Continuity. Our approach integrates Secure by Design, comprehensive Security Assurance, Red Teaming, Adversary Emulation and Threat Intelligence, Penetration Testing, and Expert Security Advisory and Consultancy. We ensure compliance with meticulous security assurance and detailed documentation, from design to post-market.

As a CREST-certified Penetration Testing provider in the EMEA region, we are committed to the highest security standards.Cyber Legion - CREST Approved

1. Client Onboarding

Access to all of Cyber Legion's services is provided through the Web Secure Client Portal. To create a Free account, you can sign up through the portal, or contact the Cyber Legion team and they will set up an account for you.

2. NDA , Agreements & Digital Signature

The integration of Digital Signature in our Web Client Portal allows us to legally sign all necessary documents and agreements, enabling us to carry out security assessments on targeted systems.

3. Submit Work Request

Our pricing structure is adaptable to meet the needs of all clients. By filling out the Work Request Form, you can select from pre-existing services or request a personalized proposal.

The Cyber Legion team will acknowledge your order, set up a project in your account, and proceed with the testing and delivery.

4. Security Testing & Report

We meet agreed upon SLAs and follow security testing framework checklists. Based on our commitment, our team of engineers will utilize all of our tools, automation, and testing capabilities to achieve the objectives.

Within the agreed upon timeframe, you will receive a report on the security test that was conducted, including the results, recommendations, and references for addressing any identified issues.

5. Retesting & Validation of Remediation

We not only identify potential threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, but also provide detailed recommendations for resolution. To ensure complete remediation, we offer complimentary retesting and a range of ongoing security testing options for continued vulnerability detection and verification.