Security Risk Assessment

Ensure you Identify and Manage all Risks in your business

Security Risk Assessment

Conducting a Security Risk Assessment is crucial for identifying, analyzing and evaluating potential risks to your organization. It ensures that the cyber security measures you implement are tailored to the specific threats your business faces. Without a thorough risk assessment, you risk wasting valuable time, resources and effort on ineffective solutions.

With Cyber Legion, you can aggregate risks by assets, business units, and frameworks, and monitor your company’s security posture in real-time. This tool acts as an authoritative tracker for all your remediation efforts, providing you with an up-to-date single-source for gaining visibility on your security posture. This allows you to rapidly and effortlessly provide comprehensive reports to the CISO, the Board, or auditors.

Cyber Legion is a comprehensive solution for all security stakeholders, ensuring that their businesses are protected against cyber threats and attacks. This platform addresses all security threats, risks, vulnerabilities and engagements in one convenient place. Say goodbye to multiple solutions and hello to a streamlined and efficient approach to security with Cyber Legion.


Manage all your Risk in One Stop

Identify, analyze and report all risks associated with your security program.

Our Risk Assessments module simplifies the process of creating, implementing, and reporting on various types of assessments. From basic scoping questionnaires to intricate security frameworks like NIST 800-53, you can fully customize the data collection methods to meet your reporting requirements. Once complete, you can export the finished documents in your desired format and style, complete with your brand’s design elements.

By using our secure Cyber Legion platform, you can easily identify risks in clients, customers, and vendors with assessments conducted directly on the platform. Say goodbye to the stress of sending sensitive documentation through email. Respondents can also easily complete assessments thanks to our user-friendly interface.

Custom Risk Assessments to improve efficiency

Consolidated results from various Frameworks questionnaires

Our questionnaire engine offers maximum versatility in the design and creation of assessment questionnaires. There is no limit to the number of questions that can be included and both multiple choice and open-ended questions are supported.

In order to increase efficiency and productivity, Cyber Legion has incorporated various tools and scripts into its questionnaire engine to improve the scope and depth of security assessments.

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Cyber Legion

Rapid Reporting Without the Spreadsheets

No More Emails with Sensitive Data

Cyber Legion ensures that your risk assessments are thorough and efficient by pre-populating commonly seen deficiencies, recommendations, and authoritative references into our framework-based system. We keep this reference data hidden until it is tailored to your specific environment. As you work, our system allows you to easily add supporting documentation to your responses. Perform your assessments in an easy-to-navigate environment designed for your workflow – not a spreadsheet.

Our priority is to protect your assets and immediately bring attention to any potential or existing threats in your analytics module.

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