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Security Risk Assessment

Ensure you Identify and Manage all Risks in your business

Security Risk Assessment is the process of identifying, analyzing and evaluating risk. It helps to ensure that the cyber security controls you choose are appropriate to the risks your organization faces. Without a risk assessment to inform your cyber security choices, you could waste time, effort and resources.

Aggregate Risks by Assets, Business Units, and Frameworks. Monitor your company security posture in real time. By using Cyber Legion as the authoritative tracker for your remediation efforts, you have an up-to-date single-source to instantly gain visibility on your security posture. Rapidly and effortlessly provide comprehensive attestation to the CISO, the Board or auditors.

Cyber Legion is a one-stop-shop solution for all security stakeholders to ensure that their businesses are well guarded against security issues and cyber attacks. One Security platform for all your company security threats, risks, vulnerabilities and engagements.


Manage all your Risk in One Stop

Identify, analyze and report all risks associated with your security program.

Our Risk Assessments module allows for easy creation, deployment, and reporting of assessments of any type, from simple scoping questionnaires to complex security frameworks like NIST 800-53. Every Assessment is fully customizable you choose how the data is collected to best support your reporting needs. Export finished documents in your reporting methodology, and with your existing branding and styling.

Discover risks in clients, customers, and vendors with assessments conducted directly in the secure Cyber Legion platform. Eliminate the hassle and concern of email transmission of sensitive documentation. Provide respondents with an intuitive interface that eases the burden of assessment completions.

Custom Risk Assessments to improve efficiency

Consolidated results from various Frameworks questionnaires

Our questionnaire engine gives you ultimate flexibility in the assessment questionnaires you may create. Questionnaires are not limited in the number of questions they may include and support both multiple choice and free response questions.

Integrations always increase the efficiency and productivity of the task at hand. Cyber Legion have integrated with various tools and scripts to enhance Security Assessment coverage and complexity.

Cyber Legion

Rapid Reporting Without the Spreadsheets

No More Emails with Sensitive Data

Pre-populate commonly seen deficiencies, recommendations and authoritative references into your framework-based risk assessments. Mask this reference data until you’ve tailored it to your customers’ environments. Enrich responses with supporting documentation as you work. Perform your assessment in an easy-to-navigate environment built for your workflow – not a spreadsheet.

Cyber Legion makes sure that any potential or existing threats to the assets in your analytics module is instantly brought out for immediate attention. Ensuring your best remains unharmed is our responsibility!

Get started with Risk Assessment

Discover every Vulnerability that Matters

Understand your organization attack surface and protect is based on business impact. Make security investments that count.

Discover every Vulnerability that Matters. Scale your security testing from zero to hundreds and never miss a test deadline again.

Identify hackers’ complete attack routes to sensitive business assets and highlight cybersecurity issues.

Enhance your risk prevention capabilities, see how they evolve over time, and evaluate how they hold up against your industry competitors.

Our approach is to bridges the gap between security, development, DevOps and IT teams to manage all asset risk and valuation through the Secure Client Portal. Cyber Legion’s team has developed an optimized process for identifying, assessing and reporting Vulnerabilities. We offer IT security services that fit all business sizes in the UK, EU and Global.

Our Cyber capabilities are related to security testing techniques that create effects  through cyberspace.

Cyber Legion security testing capabilities include commercial and open source tools, scripts, and custom templates that run against targeted assets during the entire product development lifecycle, from design to production. All our testing procedures are in complete synchronization with the client’s processes and technology to test according to OWASP, NIST, SANT, CREST, PCI frameworks etc.

Discover every Vulnerability that Matters
Risk Mitigation & Optimization

Benefits With Our Testing Services

Get the power of technology, artificial and human intelligence to simplify the vulnerability discovery and remediation processes & timelines.

Identify and manage your organization’s security vulnerabilities via the Secure Client Portal. Next generation security testing based on modular scripts, machine learning, human intelligence and client requirements.

Looking for alternative solutions to protect your Organization. you could own a complete solution of Next Gen Security Testing Services

We helps businesses focus on what they do best while we conduct continues security testing to protect their Organizations to remain resilient against Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches.

Incorporate your company’s assets, web application, mobile, application, API, IoT devices, or network components into the Cyber Legion platform and benefit from ongoing information and cyber security services.

CyberCrime can have a significant negative impact on your business if proper precautions are not taken to prevent it.

You deserve to find all the vulnerabilities that affect your Organization. Using Web Secure Client Portals, the latest and most advanced security tools and commitment to innovation, we ensure that our clients continually benefit from Professional Cyber Services to detect, prevent and respond to threats & cyber attacks.

You deserve to find all the vulnerabilities that affect your Organization. Using Web Secure Client Portals, the latest and most advanced security tools and commitment to innovation, we ensure that our clients continually benefit from Professional Cyber Services to detect, prevent and respond to threats & cyber attacks.

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Client Testimonials

Cyber Security Automation
Very Good Work Shown By This Company To Solve Cyber Problems

We contracted Cyber ​​​​Legion to do some security testing for our new web applications and APIs and we were very pleased with the results and the vulnerabilities they found, some serious flaws! I received access to the portal where I worked with the team. All details were clearly reported and we have received full support until all vulnerabilities were fixed.

I Tentis

Founder & CEO Ecobild

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We Help Companies to Avoid Data Breaches

Test every asset in your business and apply the most appropriate measures (controls) to mitigate risks.

Protect Your Business Assets From Hackers

Find and fix your vulnerabilities before attackers do. Take action before there is a problem. Master the most common security vulnerabilities now.

Can you have an Efficient Cyber Security Program?

Cyber ​​​​Legion is ready to provide you with a continuous and consistent security testing service that leverages our platform with the help of security researchers and smart technology. We recommend to find and fix vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them and breach happen.