Vulnerability Assessment & Management

Ensure your assets are discovered and well protected in front of the Cyber threats

Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Vulnerability Assessment and Management services to identify, evaluate, and report security vulnerabilities in your network systems, software, application, IOT etc.

Cyber Legion vulnerability management platform designed to help businesses across sectors such as IT, healthcare, and finance, conduct security assessments, detect cybersecurity risks, and more. We offer managed vulnerability assessment and management services using commercial, open source and in house-built testing scripts to identify security threats and vulnerabilities. We imports results from all the scanning tools through  automated parsers or manually and centralized visibility for your vulnerability management program on the Secure Client Portal.

Receive actionable risk intelligence with the ability to scan on demand to ensure that your hosts and assets are fixed. This feature will tell you the following information at a glance, ID Name Location Date Opened Date Closed Risk CVSS Status Layer There are also a number of different filters that you can select to speed the process in identifying what needs to be addressed based on risk/cvss or layer. 

What do we test for?

  • Every scanning is carried out in accordance with internationally recognized frameworks.
  • We will run an automated vulnerability assessment against a number of endpoints checking for known vulnerabilities.
  • Vulnerability assessments and Management  allows you to have full coverage over your IT footprint and, because we are experts, we will check every vulnerability scan report and remove obvious false positives to save you time and money and allow you to work on the issues that really matter.
  • Open ports
  • Missing patches 
  • Insecure Network  Segregation
  • Unencrypted Communications
  • Password Reuse
  • Default SNMTP Community Strings
  • Insecure Firewalls
  • Vulnerable VPN endpoints
  • Misconfigured Web Servers
  • Default Credentials
  • DoS (Denial of services)

Managed all your vulnerabilities in one Platform

We cover everything in vulnerability assessment & management including discovery, prioritization, assessment, disclosure, and remediation.

Identify your Company assets (web application, mobile, app, API, IOT or network components) and benefit of a continue Managed Services for Cyber Security Assessments, risk identification and severity validation.

Cyber Legion is the perfect platform to aggregate security issues and vulnerabilities. We discover and import scanner findings, conduct assessments, and integrate security tools to create a 360 degree view of your security posture. Visualize your posture in our analytics module to drive faster decision making.

With Cyber Legion, you can track and manage vulnerabilities by asset, giving you the information you need to prioritize and remediate efficiently.


Vulnerability Assessment & Management Dashboard


Vulnerability Tracking at Asset Level

Track all Vulnerabilities for an with One click

Findings may exist across multiple hosts, and hosts may have findings from multiple reports. Cyber Legion supports host-based remediation efforts by consolidating all findings for an asset, regardless of where the risk was identified. We even automatically creates the asset objects when a new asset is detected in a scan import.

Cyber Legion platform supports data imports from vulnerability scanners, including Nessus, Burp Suite, Nexpose, Veracode etc. Imported findings may be mapped to standard write-ups and automatically populated in reports.

Tag your most precious assets to enable rapid filtering in our analytics module. Keep your team laser-focused on protecting what matters most to your organization.


A vulnerability assessment identifies the security vulnerabilities in your network, systems, and hardware rates according to technical severity and provides the steps necessary to fix those security vulnerabilities.

With Cyber Legion services you can achieve all your security goals in one platform. Vulnerability Assessment and Management combined in one unified view. Live events for all security findings and vulnerability management results with bug tracking, Risk dashboards, Ticketing systems etc.

Vulnerability Assessment & Management Service Features


 Unlimited Cyber Legion CSaaS Platform access

 Black, Grey or White Box Vulnerability Scanning

 Scheduled Security testing service – Work Request Button whenever you want


 Manual Review & Automated Security Testing & Risk Validation 


 Business Logic & Technical Vulnerability Testing

 Detailed Vulnerability Findings Evidence

 Security Frameworks Checklists OWASP, SANS etc

Threat Intelligence

 Custom Checklists


 Full Support & References for Remediation

 Collaboration & Integration with ticketing, bug trackers etc

 Unlimited Analysis, Tracking & Reporting

 Live Events & Alerting emails 

 Retesting of discovered issues – unlimited

 On-Demand and Custom Offering that Best Suits your Organization’s needs.

Types of Vulnerability Assessments
  • Network and Wireless Assessment. Identifies possible vulnerabilities in network security. 
  • Host Assessment. Detect vulnerabilities in workstations, servers, and other network hosts. 
  • Database Assessment. 
  • Application Scans.
Vulnerability management is the process of identifying, evaluating, treating, and reporting on security vulnerabilities in systems and the software that runs on them. This, implemented alongside with other security tactics, is vital for organizations to prioritize possible threats and minimizing their “attack surface.”
A vulnerability assessment aims to uncover vulnerabilities in a network and recommend the appropriate mitigation or remediation to reduce or remove the risks. A vulnerability assessment uses automated network security scanning tools.
In essence, risk assessment involves looking outside of an organization to determine what threats exist that could potentially lead to problems, while vulnerability assessment involves looking inside the organization for structural flaws and weaknesses

Discover, Analyze, Prioritize, Track, Visualize & Report


We can help improve your Business

Ensure your Organization Assets are well  protected in front of the Cyber Attacks

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1. Client Onboarding

Access to all of Cyber Legion's services is provided through the Web Secure Client Portal. To create a Free account, you can sign up through the portal, or contact the Cyber Legion team and they will set up an account for you.

2. NDA , Agreements & Digital Signature

The integration of Digital Signature in our Web Client Portal allows us to legally sign all necessary documents and agreements, enabling us to carry out security assessments on targeted systems.

3. Submit Work Request

Our pricing structure is adaptable to meet the needs of all clients. By filling out the Work Request Form, you can select from pre-existing services or request a personalized proposal.

The Cyber Legion team will acknowledge your order, set up a project in your account, and proceed with the testing and delivery.

4. Security Testing & Report

We meet agreed upon SLAs and follow security testing framework checklists. Based on our commitment, our team of engineers will utilize all of our tools, automation, and testing capabilities to achieve the objectives.

Within the agreed upon timeframe, you will receive a report on the security test that was conducted, including the results, recommendations, and references for addressing any identified issues.

5. Retesting & Validation of Remediation

We not only identify potential threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, but also provide detailed recommendations for resolution. To ensure complete remediation, we offer complimentary retesting and a range of ongoing security testing options for continued vulnerability detection and verification.