Zimbra Collaboration Suite TAR Path Traversal

This Metasploit module creates a .tar file that can be emailed to a Zimbra server to exploit CVE-2022-41352. If successful, it plants a JSP-based backdoor in the public web directory, then executes that backdoor. The core vulnerability is a path-traversal issue in the cpio command-line utility that can extract an arbitrary file to an arbitrary location on a Linux system (CVE-2015-1197). Most Linux distros have chosen not to fix it. This issue is exploitable on Red Hat-based systems (and other hosts without pax installed) running versions Zimbra Collaboration Suite 9.0.0 Patch 26 and below and Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.8.15 Patch 33 and below.Exploit Files ≈ Packet Storm  

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